Sunday, January 20, 2008


I haven't had a brilliant week of painting as I haven't been feeling too well.

I am supposed to be painting some ECW for a game at Guildford on 4th February. I have been trying to finish these seven musketmen for about three years but just can't seem to face it. They are very detailed and take ages. I'll try to have a good go this week.

I've also got another five GNW to finish. I have all the base colours down but doing shading in artificial light is very hard. I have undercoated four Sudan Highlanders, so they will take ages. I need a few quick to finish figures but don't seem to have any yet.

I have just started a few gladiators as I found ny old arena baseboard up in the loft from when we played gladiators at school. It must be nearly 35 years since I have played a game but I also found my original rules so may try them out with my little boy. I only need to paint two after all!

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