Friday, January 25, 2008


Police Verso by Jerome

I have decided to paint up some Foundry gladiators following finding my old arena board in the loft. I have five on the go (I'm not that interested in dwarfs!) and have just won a bid on eBay for some more and some lions. The key thing about the lot I won for me was that there were a lot of tridents in it. Foundry don't seem to include the tridents when you buy packs with a retiarusl; which is useless. So now, with a good stock of tridents, I can get some more packs.

I have looked at a couple of sets of rules. One was in Battlegames a few months ago and looks pretty simple as it is card driven. The other set is my original set from 1973 by the Paragon Wargames Group. This involves writing orders every move which may be a bit tiresome. I have also ordered Habet, Hoc Habet from Flagship Games in America as they seem very well regarded.!.htm

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  1. I love that painting; it's been one of my favourite historical paintings since I first saw it in an ancient Rome book about 25 years ago!