Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's got to go next..

Sorry, chaps, not enough hours in the day..

My study is reaching breaking point storage-wise and the lead mountain is certainly increasing faster than I can paint it. I have to decide what goes next and reluctantly it's going to be:

Ancient Egyptians

I got very enthused over these when reading Wilbur Smith's River God which features some tremendous battles abainst the Chariot borne Hyksos. Even as I write this a little part of me is saying "no, they would look great painted up". But I will never have time to paint them or, more importantly, an opponent. If I had really like them I would have painted a few here and then over the years (as I have done with the Trojans) but I haven't so off they will go.


I love the Foundry Copplestone Conquistadores and when The Assault Group came out with their Aztec figures I bought a few packs. However, wargames between Conquistadores and Aztecs are so unbalanced that they need special rule mechanisms and different figure scales for the opponents. All those feathered outfits too. I will continue to paint Conquistadores but will pitch them against my Darkest Africa natives and maybe get some of Copplestone's Amazon warrriors (much quicker to paint).

Late Romans

I have quite a few Black Tree Design Late Romans and they are quite nice figures but there is not really much variety in poses. No-one makes a good, complete range of modern standard 28mm Late Romans: the Perry Foundry ones are a bit small and the Gripping Beast ones have those horrible horses. There are a few A&A Miniatures now which would do better but not really a complete range anywhere. So I think the BTD ones will have to go. After all I am still working on my Republican Romans, Caesarians, EIR and MIR and that is enough I think!

That should clear about five trays and some bookshelf space!

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