Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It was all going so well...

Lots and lots of Sikh Wars Miniatures

So, I had painted 37 figures in three months, pretty good considering I only managed 82 for the whole of 2013.  I had, optimistically, started a lead reduction counter on the blog (now on the left).  It was all going very well!  Today, however, a whopping great parcel arrived from Studio Miniatures containing my Sikh Wars Kickstarter figures - all 133 of them!  I hadn't realised that I had ordered quite so many figures!  Such is the peril of Kickstarters!  Worse yet I still have my Mars Attacks, Harem Miniatures (I may not have mentioned those before!) and War and Empire 15mm ancients to come.  I saw yesterday that North Star are launching a "Nickstarter" pre-order for their gorgeous looking pirates soon as well.  Oh dear!

I really am hopeless and just can't concentrate on any one (or even any dozen) periods.  I have decided I need a big sort out as I have run out of lead pile storage space.  Recently, I was looking for some Mexican infantry I had started and having looked through 17 A4 file boxes of based but unpainted figures I couldn't find them anywhere.  It was only while digging around at the back of my plastics pile that I found six more boxes of started but incomplete figures and there were the Mexicans.    I have put them on the workbench but they are, essentially Napoleonic style figures and I already have 36 Confederation of the Rhine and 20 British Legion figures from the Latin American Wars of Independence under way. Let alone three companies for IHMN, Empire of the Dead figures, Mirkwood Rangers from The Hobbit and all sorts of other odd bits.  

I will embark on a rationalisation forthwith!  First thing to do is sell off my Foundry Ancient Egyptians.  That should help the lead pile!  Then I can buy the new North Star ones!


  1. A serious case of Shiney-bloodyitis Sir, only yours appears to be a major outbreak!!!

  2. Oh how wonderful, I have to confess that I was quietly chuckling through most of this, but then I realised just how heavily I backed Mars Attacks! You've got to love this hobby!

  3. I also am in the midst of rationalisation ... more to follow in forthcoming blogpost!