Saturday, March 08, 2014

Paint Table Saturday - Paint it black

I've got two things together which I haven't had for a some time: good light and a free day.  The sun is shining and my wife and son have gone out for the whole day so no getting dragged into sorting out the garden for the new shed etc. They are going to Brooklands Museum for a car auction with my father in law as he has his eye on: 1 another Bentley and 2 The Queen's old Landrover which are both up for sale.  

Normally I would have gone with them but last week I picked up figures for a small unit of Royal Navy naval brigade from Copplestone Castings.  I want some of these for an IHMN force but decided to paint the whole pack as I am sure they will come in useful for something else.  I started them yesterday and got on so well with them that I have decided to put the 18mm fantasy figures to one side (I did a bit on them this week too - The lighter early mornings are a bonus) and see how far I can get with them this weekend. 

The only problem is that I have reached the stage in the figures I hate the most: painting the black bits.  Whether it's straps, boots and pouches or the undercoat for what will eventually be metallic items I hate this stage.  Slow and a fiddle.  Never mind, seven down and five to go.  I have decided I won't let myself have lunch (Heston Blumenthal's Laspsang Souchong tea smoked salmon and caviar given to me by a Russian business visitor this week) until I've done the other five!


  1. Good start... curious, did the Russkie have any comments on the Crimea?

    1. Basically ,she said that however corrupt the Ukrainian government was they were democratically elected and had been undemocratically ousted by a rabble of far left activists. She didn't think much of Putin, though!

      I had a meeting with Yulia Tymoshenko once and we hit it off and she was going to give me some work...until she was locked up!

      There are issues too in places I know much better, like Lithuania, where there are a lot of Russians unhappy with now being part of a different country -Lithuania was where the whole fall of the Iron Curtain kicked off but there are still a lot of tensions there, Having something happening like this in the Baltic states would be really alarming!