Thursday, March 06, 2014

Shabaka the Nubian and paint table update

We have got a bit of sunshine this morning so I managed to finish this figure for The Servants of Ra company.  Although not represented in the North Star set the official company in IHMN gives you the option to field a Nubian with a khopesh and a shotgun.  I had this Foundry Darkest Africa figure on the workbench due for repainting.  Given his impressive demeanour I replaced his machete with a khopesh from an old Foundry Ancient Egyptian.  

He hasn't got a shotgun but a rifle but I will either just look at the points of rifle versus shotgun to see if any adjustment needs to be made or I could just say he has a shotgun but I prefer my models to be actually equipped with what they are sculpted as carrying.  He is the bodyguard of Zairah, who appreciates a man with a big chopper.

I made some progress on my 18mm barbarians this week too.  Someone asked if they were 15mm or 18mm and this week Mark Copplestone said that he sees the range as 15mm but the barbarians are 18mm because they are physically bigger.  The long-promised fantasy Romans to oppose them will be actual 15mm.  Just as long as their heads are the same size and its not some scale shrinkage!

Paint table Thursday: RN sailors and 18mm fantasy - all by Copplestone Castings

My lead pile reduction is not going well.  This week I bought a pack of Copplestone Victorian Royal Navy figures for an IHMN company I am working on.  I don't need all ten figures in the pack but will paint them up anyway.  You can never have enough RN landing party figures. I have based them  already and will fast-track them.  I also started work on a Lord of the Rings figure I picked up on eBay.  Hope to finish that one this weekend.  


I have also done some more work on the first company for my Confederation of the Rhine 6th Regiment, second battalion.  These are actually moving along quite well now.  The good news is that this week the Perry brothers released figures for Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen and Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt; contingents from which made up the first battalion of the 6th Regiment.  The Schwarzburgers had an attractive green uniform with red facings and black leather equipment.  They will be the next Napoleonic unit I do.  Probably in about 2021.

Today I am listening to the City of Prague Philharmonic's wonderful recording of the complete score to Basil Poledouris' Conan the Barbarian. A relatively new recording which is actually considerably better then the original soundtrack issue, as that was re-recorded, as was often the way, with a much smaller orchestra that didn't have the heft the score needed


  1. Shabaka is looking great and strong!

  2. He looks very imposing - that club must be named something like skull-splitter. Best, Dean

  3. What a beast of a man! Lovely bit of conversion work as well.

  4. Gods he looks serious! Love the facial expression. Haven't heard of a khopesh before - i'll have to google that.

  5. My Scotland Yard Co. are beginning to feel a bit intimidated!!

  6. Great addition mate fits the part nicely.