Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paint Table Saturday - the bigger picture

I've decided to take a different approach with Paint Table Saturday this week and provide a wide screen view of the chaos that is the Legatus' paint table.  I have got almost nothing done this week but did get on well with my Naval Brigade last weekend and hope to finish them this weekend.  Just varnishing, metallic work and grass to do on these which is pretty good for me as I only based them about nine days ago.  However, I did actually play a wargame this week so am pleased with myself for that!

As you can see, I'm not short of stuff to paint at present and am contemplating getting on with my first company of Perry Confederation of the Rhine figures which are about half completed.


  1. I like the Fact that monitor is hiding a whole load of chaos

    1. Yes, I had to laugh at what you considered a mess! Your before picture was like my after picture....