Saturday, March 01, 2014

Paint Table Saturday: 18mm Fantasy

Having finished my final figures for the Servants of Ra this week I fancied something a bit different this weekend and having seen Copplestone Castings announcement of some new figures for their 18mm fantasy range I dug out some I have had sitting around for ages.   I've painted a number of these before and they are fun to do and a rare venture into non-Lord of the Rings fantasy for me.

I managed a bit on them today but won't finish them this weekend. I hope to get more painting done tomorrow.


  1. Very nice I though these where supposed to be 15mm? They are lovely range of figures especially the Dwarves

    1. They're definitely 18mm not 15mm in size.

    2. They must meant to be big barbarians or something.

  2. Thank you for participating today! I added your link to my blog post.

    Have a great Paint Table Saturday!

    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Looks like some interesting figures - I'm sure you'll enjoy painting them up.

  4. Just another example of scale creep a lot of new 15mm ranges are 18mm. I love these figures and am really tempted but can't decide between 10mm and 15/18mm.