Saturday, March 29, 2014

Paint Table Saturday - re-located!

Paint Table Saturday comes from the kitchen table rather than my desk this week, as I work on Grand Manner's massive Roman Galley.

This, the most stressful modelling project I have ever undertaken, is for Big Red Bat's invasion of Britain game at Salute in two weeks!  At this point I must thank BRB's associate Mark who has been kindly sending me pictures of his magnificent version of the galley with some very helpful hints.  Even my wife has been assisting on this project this morning!  I think she finds boats more interesting than soldiers!

Right!  Back to work!


  1. Excellent; looks very good! Ramming speed!

    I'm going to finish my chariots tonight, and go all nautical tomorrow.

  2. Oh I say, that looks rather splendid! Best of luck Sir.