Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paint Table Saturday: Off to Salute!

No paint table for me today as I'm off to Salute with my newly completed Grand Manner Roman Galley.  Above was its status at 8.00pm last night with just the mainsail and the ram to add and a bit of painting.  Just before I was about to pack it up, however, I broke off one of the railings and had to do about forty five minutes repairs.  These big resin pieces are surprisingly delicate.  All is fixed now (I've broken bits several times in assembly) and I hope to be able to get a couple of pictures of it in action in Big Red Bat's invasion of Britain game.   

I'm hoping to meet up with a number of other bloggers tomorrow too and this year I will have time for a proper look around as the last few years I have had limited time and have been in and out in a couple of hours. 

Usually I list what I am planning to buy but other than the Perry brothers new book I don't have anything on my list.  We shall see how that works in reality!

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