Sunday, April 06, 2014

Paint Table Saturday - still on location!

A bit late this weekend but I'm still in the kitchen trying to get the Roman galley finished for Salute.  Yesterday I needed to get on with the oars, get some work done on the masts and replace the -well I don't know what they are called - they're like belaying pins for tying ropes to.  These are all moulded in resin and all but one had snapped off.  I probably won't rig the galley as I have to carry it to Salute in pieces on public transport but I will want to eventually, so need to get these bits fixed.  I started at 7.30am yesterday morning!

More work today!


  1. Yes looking very good! I need to finish painting my ships, today. I started painting at 7.15 this morning; there are many hours of dry-brushing to come...

  2. The ship is nice - but I'm very distracted by Aida Folch!

    1. If you haven't already, watch her film The Artist and the Model. One hour forty minutes of distraction!