Thursday, April 17, 2014

A host of possibilities...denied!

Today the Old Bat's Easter present turned up.  Normally I would give her a chocolate egg but, increasingly chocolate and coffee are making her go strange(r).  This is what comes of living on coffee Complan and Slim Fast because you are too idle to prepare a proper meal.  Given her mother has been on a pacemaker for years because of irregular heartbeat you would have thought that she would have eschewed anything that gives her palpitations but no, you would do better reasoning with Kim Jong Un.  So it's a shed this year, to put all her rubbish in. 

Now I had no interest in the tedious shed until the happy chaps from Norfolk turned up to assemble it on the ludicrously expensive concrete foundation I had put in a couple of weeks ago.   My daughter Charlotte had recently adopted this concrete apron and had taken to sitting on it in the sunshine once she woke up (i.e. at about 3.00pm).  She thought it might be an excellent site to launch her rockets from in a sort of Oxshott version of Launch Pad 39A.

But no, today the men from Norfolk soon got the shed up.  Here it is just before I left for a meeting in London this afternoon.  Having walked around inside it I suddenly had delusions of being Eric the Shed.  I could set up a table!  And store scenery!  After all I had paid for the thing!  Sadly it is not to be and tomorrow we will start filling it with all the junk from the garage which is being demolished to make way for the extension (another expensive present for my wife).  However, we have a big garden and maybe over the other side...  One day...


  1. "you would do better reasoning with Kim Jong Un"!!


    You're an entertainer matey!

    I feel that something is awry.... oh, yeah! Shouldn't that shed be a gaming room for the master of the household? :>)


    1. Exactly! And now I am being asked to stop painting so I can move all the stuff in!

  2. A fabulous erection, but all for naught! Maybe one day...

  3. You missed a trick sir - should have built two at the same time !

    When we built our extension I persuaded Mrs Shed to let me buy my shed to store all the furniture in - we couldn't live in the house for six months and it was only marginally more expensive than putting everything into storage !

    Looking forward to showing you my Shed this Thursday...