Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paint Table Saturday and a couple of splendid Kentish women

Paint table Saturday is starting a bit late today as I had to take my son to and from rowing and my daughter to the airport so she can get back to Edinburgh University after the Easter break.  Today, the paint table is overlooked by the splendid figure of Rochester's finest Miss Kelly Ann Preston who is my current wallpaper.  The Old Bat sent me the link to this picture as she knows Miss Brook (as she is better known) cheers me up!

M (right) competing in the eighties.  What a splendid young lady she was!

I had an equally curvy secretary, M, who hailed from Rochester as well, who was a very good 400m runner, and enlivened the Legatus' life considerably back in the mid eighties.  It must be something in the water!

Although I am still working on my last three companies for the Mexican Matamoros  regiment I've decided to take a break from them today in favour of starting work on what will be a long project: the Dolores Cavalry regiment.  I have nine of these magnificent Boot Hill Miniatures figures to paint but even to achieve a 1:10 ratio I will need 20 more!   Also, in a not unusual case of "New! Shiny!"  I have the four Neanderthal's from Steve Saleh's new venture, Lucid Eye.  These are lovely miniatures indeed but very hefty.  The chief is a strapping 34mm from foot to eye.  Hopefully, Saleh will do some more so I have someone to pitch against my Copplestone cavemen.


  1. A charming young lady, that Miss Brook and those Neanderthals had caught my eye too, I may yet weaken and order some up!

  2. I too have been tempted to get those Neanderthal's they look rather nice.

  3. Family has to come before blogging. You got the blog posted and that's what counts.

    Nice looking Neanderthal's there. Hope you enjoy painting them up. When I popped over via my blog roll, your followers showed up. So I'm number 151!

    Congratulations on reaching your 150 goal!

  4. Splendid choice of wallpaper Legatus :)

  5. Congratulations on the 151 followers! I watched Cinco de Mayo, la Batalla the other day. You might find it a useful painting guide for the Mexican Army.