Saturday, April 19, 2014

Paint Table Saturday: Riflemen!

I have done a little bit of painting since Salute, although yesterday was mainly devoted to moving (sadly, non-wargaming) things into the new shed.  I did start with a bit of base colour for my new Muttonchop Miniatures WW1 British.  These are absolutely the nicest WW1 BEF figures I have ever seen. Let's hope the range expands to more than the two packs already available.  I am going to paint them as Kings Royal Rifle Corps as that is the regiment my grandfather served in in 1914.

Haddon Perceval Bowen Harris July 1914

Secondly, I got base colours down on the next (and final) group for the Mexican Matamoros regiment including these fine Cazadores with their Baker rifles.  It's nice and bright today too.  Three days to paint!  Yippee!


  1. Excellent stuff I have seen the pics on facebook and they look like marvellous figs.

  2. Very nice fig's and cool idea to paint them up after the regiment your grandfather served in!

  3. Very nice looking figures - I have decided to pick up on my 20mm WW1 collection. Is that two pots of acrylic paint lurking behind the computer screen? Have you started to defect to the dark side?



    1. Only for metallics! My British riflemen's uniform is Humbrol no 26 which is spot on!

      Very good to here from you again!