Monday, July 30, 2007

Painted Figures for July

A reasonable 27 figures this month.

9 Sudan Nile Arabs
2 Sudan Beja Camels
11 Sudan Beja
3 Darkest Africa Characters
1 Spartan Hoplite
1 Pulp Sky Pirate

So the total so far is 191 figures in 30 weeks or 6.36 figures a week so I am now 11 figures ahead of my target.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reinforcements by Post

I have been contacted by Neil of Reinforcements by Post about putting in a link to his site.

Very happy to do this mainly on the basis of the fact that I like the name! Actually, the painting of the figures looks great as well and the prices are very reasonable. Although I enjoy painting more than gaming if I ever do get going on my Peninsula War armies in 15mm I think I now know where to go!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Painted figures for June

Only 23 this month, and that's for a five week month (by Shire reckoning). I had one week where I didn't get anything done due to a business trip and last week I only actually finished one figure. Annoyingly, I did get eleven completed tonight but they will have to go towards July's total.


9 Royal Navy sailors for the Sudan
3 Beja on camels
4 Beja foot

5 Spartan Hoplites
1 Athenian Hoplite

1 Darkest Africa explorer

So that's 164 figures in 26 weeks which means that I am running 8 ahead of my six figures a week schedule.

Let's hope July will give me a big boost. No business trips for two months but it looks like they are stacking up for September and October (Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa and Sweden).

New Glasses

I broke my painting glasses last week but bought some more 3.5 magnification ones in the library on Saturday. They certainly show up all the faults in my painting so maybe they are a higher magnification than the old ones. Painting things like wood grain on rifle butts seemed much easier yesterday. I will have to see what the first ones look like in photographs.

Darkest Africa: First new figure

I have decided that whilst I continue with my Sudan project I should have a subsidiary project on the go so I don't get too bored by painting hundreds of Beja.
I have decided to paint some more Darkest Africa figures. This will include some newly painted character figures, like Sir Samuel Baker above, and some repaints of some of my old ones which are looking a bit tired. Plus I will try to do a unit of new figures every now and again.
Currently, I have a force of Azande spearmen, a Belgian Askari command group and Sir Richard Burton based and ready for undercoating. In addition, I am tidying up my 8 Azande archers, Sidi Bombay, HM Stanley and Jane.
These will all appear on my Return to Darkest Africa site: