Saturday, August 30, 2008

Painted figures for July

Another bad month. One Spartan and five Great Northern War Swedes. Oh well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Holiday painting.

I need to start thinking about what figures to take on holiday this year. I usually take a dozen or so of one type to get on with when I am away.

I really have four choices:

I have some Renegade German WW1 infantry to finish. The advantage of these is that they are about half done and it shouldn't take too long to finish them

I have bought some of Empress Miniatures new Zulu War British and I really want to get on with these but don't have the relevant uniform information: unless I order the Osprey and have it sent to our house on the Isle of Wight.

I have some more GNW Swedes based up and these are nice and quick to paint but I am getting bored with GNW as it is months and months since we had any new figures from Musketeer Miniatures. Just a few Russian infantry would be nice!

I am due to do a Romans v Celts game at Guildford in Spetember but I need more Celts. I have bought a box of Warlord Games plastics so maybe that would be best. The problem with these is that I would need to take a lot more paints.

Tricky. Still not sure. Still got time to think though.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Blog Hit parade July

Cavegirls is still getting the most hits but Pulp Warriors has moved up a place pushing Sudan down to number three again, but Sudan did get 1500 more views than last month.

In fact, each site's totals are up this month; odd because I recorded the figures a bit late last month so they should have been down. Biggest climber, up three places, is the Great War site. I hope to finish a Sudan character this weekend and put up a blog entry on him. Also hope to finish my GNW ensign too. Sadly nothing else is close to being finished so it will be another very thin month.

1 (1) Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis 11,841 (76,869)
2 (3) Pulp Warriors 3,317 (45,772)
3 (2) 19th Century Sudan Wargames Armies 2,827 (20,741)
4 (4) Legatus' Wargames Armies 1,784 (15,117)
5 (5) Spartan WAB 712 (7,483)
6 (6) Return to Darkest Africa 500 (3,662)
7 (9) 3rd and 4th Century Roman WAB 379 (1,732)
8 (8) Wargaming the Great Northern War 305 (2,291)
9 (10) Dark Ages WAB 278 (2,150)
10 (13) The Great War 257 (355)
11 (11) Lord of the Rings: Armies of Middle Earth 239 (767)
12 (7) Punic War WAB 226 ( 2,911)
13 (12) Byzantine WAB 151 (2,097)
14 (14) Swashbucklers 46 (248)