Saturday, December 30, 2006

Seconds from disaster!

I know it sounds like the title from a Thunderbirds episode but I really was last night.

My wife was sitting in my study (just below where the calendar is) when she heard a creaking noise and spotted that one of my wall-mounted shelves (arrowed) was just sagging forward and was about to come off the wall. She put her arm up and stopped it, fortunately. The weight of books had finally overcome the screws! Underneath the shelf were all my newly painted Republican Romans plus some Vikings I am re-basing. Not to mention  my late Uncle's pickelhaube!

Today I have put the shelf back up (with much longer screws) and have put my boxes of unpainted Lord of the Rings figures up there (mainly plastic) to reduce the weight. These shelves have been up eight years with no problems but now I am nervous about which one might go next.

Thank goodness for wifey! Big present due!