Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Winged" Spears

My new Osprey book, Carolingian Cavalryman AD 768-987, says that Carolingians typically used spears with wings or flanges on the sockets.

I use the Gripping Beast spears for my troops but these are wingless.  I have asked on TMP to see if anyone makes these.

I notice that those painted figures which have just gone up on the Artizan site do not have wings but these do seem to be a characteristic and I'd like mine to have them if at all possible (without having to make tiny wings!).

Carolingian Winged Spears

I bought some Artizan Carolingians at Salute and am aiming to paint one to see how it looks. I don't really need another Dark Ages army but I fancy something cavalry based and don't want to do Normans as so many other people at the club have them. I think Carolingians vs Vikings would be a bit more interesting than just Saxons again.

Here is the first figure undercoated and based.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Perry and Foundry Comparison

This picture shows the Perry French Fusilier (l) next to the Foundry British Infantryman (r).
The size and proportions are obviously quite different. I have heard that some of the later Foundry French Infantry are bigger than the earlier figures but they are still very stocky.
These will be the definitive French Napoleonic infantry for some time, I suspect. I just can't wait until they do cuirassiers!

Perry 1815 French

Picture shows: L to R: New Perry French Fusilier, Foundry Royal Marine (from B142), Perry Dutch-Belgian Jaeger (from DB32), Foundry British Rifleman (from B80) and Foundry British Early Infantry (from B8).

I bought one pack of the Perries new 28mm French Fusiliers at Salute yesterday as I had picked up some Dutch-Belgians at Colours. I had a few Foundry British and had also picked up, in the past, some of their newer Royal Marines and landing parties as "pre-casts". The Marines were quite a different size from the older British Infantry but match up better with the new Perry French (although the Perry figures have better proportioned heads). At last the Napoleonic beach skirmishes I bought the Marines for will be possible without terrible scale mis-matches.

First Entry

I decided I needed somewhere to post pictures and other odds and ends that I want to make available as subjects which might, for example, crop up on The Miniatures Page. I can't keep sticking things on my Byzantine one!

I thought that having two army specific blogs ( and ) would make me concentrate on those armies for a while but it has totally failed so I might as well acknowledge it!