Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's big. Really big.

I don't usually get much wargaming stuff for Christmas although my children usually get me something from Games Workshop. This year I got a Space Marines speeder bike as I think my little boy fancies it! I got a book on the Normans from the parents in law which will be useful background for my new Norman Army.

Much to my amazement my wife got me the new Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard. This was a complete surprise but my children had told her what I wanted; I am so glad I got them good presents despite the credit crunch Christmas (not much sign of that in this house, in fact-Christmas presents cost me the most ever). As for my wife, she doesn't like surprise presents (she is incredibly fussy about everything) so, as a result, she keeps seeing things in the shops and I keep saying "don't worry that can be your Christmas present". Hmm, I wonder when the goodwill of the gameboard will become exhausted by the constant stream of things being ordered for her off the John Lewis website.

I will do a proper review of it as I start to paint it bit by bit (that will take ages) but my little boy claims he will help!

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