Saturday, March 12, 2016

Paint Table Saturday March 12th 2016

 Prehistoric beauties!

Good grief, two Paint Table Saturdays in a row!  The Old Bat and Guy have gone to a classic car show at Brooklands but given we have had some sun I thought I might splodge some paint on a few figures.  Splodge being the operative word as I have just had the first of four laser eye procedures to fix some leaking capillaries in my eyes.  The doctor said I might lose some vision but I was still able to paint to an OK standard  as long as the weather is bright. 

Anyway, an hour or so on the beautiful Lucid Eye Neanderthals and I now have three which should be completed tomorrow!  I wish there were some Neanderthal women to go with them.  Some lady friends have commissioned me to write an erotic version of The Lost World and. currently. Lord James Hoxton, Edmund Molloy, Professor Challenor and Professor Somersby are surrendering to the muscular charms of some Neanderthal ladies on a lost plateau, when not fighting off shockingly feathered dinosaurs.


  1. Two Paint Table Saturdays in a row is something for which to celebrate LH!
    Real progress!
    Best wishes on the recovery of your vision.

  2. Well done Legatus. If you need any illustrations for your new graphic novel.........

  3. Are there any miniatures in this blogpost? ;-)