Sunday, October 30, 2016

ACW Cavalry under way

I did manage to undercoat and and start my ACW cavalry yesterday, as you can see here.  I also  filed and based some Perry Afghans!  

The 32 figures I need for the Mexican Tolluca Battalion

I also got the base jacket colour down on my next unit of Mexicans for the Tolliuca Battalion.  These are now in three groups as regards progress: faces, jackets and trousers shaded, faces and jackets shaded with trousers base colour done and faces and jackets base colour done. Not sure whether to try to get them all to the same stage or carry on painting them in phases

Won't be posting much in the next few days as there is a problem with my computer and I have lost the right click function (which means some sort of virus, I suspect).  Off to KAD computers in Esher with it tomorrow. People who deliberately spread computer viruses should be imprisoned for ten years with no access to modern technology.  In the Falkand Islands.

Off to the NFL at Wembley, though, today!  Need to try and get some Superglue at Waterloo.  I have completely run out and I need to base Santa Anna!


  1. you've certainly had a productive weekend, hope the computer isn't too serious a problem!