Friday, February 13, 2015

New Warhammer shop in London

On  the way out to a drunken lunch with my ex-personal assistant today I nipped into the Games Workshop store in Oxford Street to pick up some paints.  French chap in there told me that, having moved down from the first floor in the Plaza Shopping centre to the ground floor, they would be moving, in April, to a new shop in Tottenham Court Road.  This will be their number one shop in the UK and will be "impressive".  It will be branded as a Warhammer shop.

I moaned about the rubbish support for The Hobbit and he said that the filmmakers caused problems for GW by changing the look of the troops at the last minute.  So their Thranduil was mounted on a horse, as the original artwork suggested, but then they had him on a stag for the film which was a last minute change which took them by surprise.  I asked if there would be any plastic forces for the Battle of Five Armies and he replied "possibly" but he was French and, therefore, unreliable by definition.


  1. Hahah, I hear you on French being "unreliable by def." - I have a story about that from my school days, when we visited France on a language trip, but that will wait for another day..

    Anyway, thank you for the info on this matter. Just one little comment: Former personal assistant. Sounds a tad... sexy? Or am I way off on this matter ;)

    Nevertheless, the rubbish support from GW is truly strange, and my only conclusion is that they considered it as the final gang of nails in the coffin for LotR...

    No problems for me, then I just pratice my sculpting and make some models of my own!

    1. A "personal assistant" is a common description here of a senior secretary but I admit it does sound rather intimate. I have been intimate with some of my PAs in the past but not this one, which is a shame as she is a pretty girl but we are just friends!