Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reading, Bath, Bristol, Beverly Hills

Well, it's been a busy week. I came back from a trip to Poland last Friday and did a quick trip to Warfare in Reading on Saturday. I bought quite a few more Crusader Normans and got some LBM shield transfers for them and managed to finish a batch to add to the other one I did last week. I am really enjoying painting these as they are so quick and easy to do.

I acquired a Great War Miniatures Mark IV tank as I am reading the truly excellent Band of Brigands by Christy Campbell at the moment which is about the development of the tank in World War 1. Of course, that means I will have to acquire some late war World War 1 figures to add to my early war figures. I am glad to see that GWM have just announced their first early war cavalry as the production of the promised Uhlans will stop me hankering after the lovely Helion cavalry that Matt has been painting on his Waterloo to Mons Blog (I love his new Danes!). I bought some trench pieces, mainly for my little boy but also to be used in WW1.

I also bought a few more Perry Sudan so I can finish my small unit of British Mounted Infantry. Putting Camel Corps riders on Cavalry horses looks fine and I only need a four man unit. Hopefully I can finish these at Christmas.

This week I visited our Bristol office and stayed with my friends in Bath. They have a huge Games Workshop in Bath and I went in to have a look at the new plastic modular battleround. I have to say it was much more impressive in real life than on the web. The hills are much taller than they look in pictures. There are several annoying sections full of Warhammer type skulls but I reckon I can just use plastic filler to cover them. They said I could buy one, even though it was a day before the release, but unfortunately I wouldn't have been able to get it on the train. It comes in a carry case but it is still 24"x24"x8". Too big to lug around! I reckon I need three, one for desert, one for Northern Europe and one for Mediterranean areas. It's £150 though (I am sure it was £100 when I first looked!) so it will have to wait until after Christmas (if they have any left, they havent made that many it seems).

I got back from Bath yesterday but am now in Terminal 5 at Heathrow (again!) waiting for my flight to Los Angeles. It's not one of my favourite flights as it's eleven and a half hours during the day so you always arrive shattered. Never mind a few days in the sunshine at the Beverly Hilton should set me up for my conference on Tuesday. Then it's Anaheim, Tallahassee, Miami Beach, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Washington DC. I don't get home until 19th December so that will comprehensively torpedo this year's painting targets, even with a good go at Christmas!

So there probably won't be very many entries for a while!


  1. Thanks for the commentary on the new modulargaming board. I was interested to see what it looks like in real lfe especially with regards to the height of the hills. Do they look easily navigable for miniatures, ie I's guessing that the slopes are not too steep and there are several paths up the hills ?

    I share your reservations about the "skull pits" I don't like them much either even for warhammer games, it's not appropriate for some battles, eg Wood Elves vs High Elves.

    You're right about the price, it was mis-advertised at the beginning, it's caused quite a stir amongst some gamers who got a bit disappointed about the price move and who can blame them !

    If you're interested in WHB, especially the latest releases (or fothcoming ones like Lizardmen) then check out my blog:-

    Sigmar's Warhammer Blog

    All the best,

  2. The hills' didn't look too steep. They would easily deal with a unit on a tray and probably individual figures too.

    The impression I got from talking to the GW guy was that promises of more types of tiles to follow are entirely dependent on how they sell. Each store has only been allocated two sets and he implied that they might get hard to get. I've decided to order one online in case they have all sold out by Christmas.

    Great blog. Haven't played WFB yet (other than one game at the club) but my little boy is keen so have added your blog to my list on the right.

  3. Enjoy your trip, LH. Drop me a line when you return and we'll see if we can squeeze in a pre-Christmas liquid lunch...!

    Best wishes